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Monday, October 31, 2011

Where’s the Proof?

Several times in my life I have occasionally fallen into doubt. Questions come over me concerning the reality of God. I know that when we are down heartened and discouraged these feelings come, but when everything is going well or maybe even while I am praying or reading the Bible these thoughts come. Now I know this is harassment by the enemy (demons) trying to throw me off balance. However, the question remains…do I have a response to these doubts or will I let these thoughts burden me.

I know if you are a living breathing human and no matter if you are a born again believer, attended church all your life or even have a deep relationship with God you have or will be attacked with these questions…Is Jesus really coming back…Does God really exist or is this something we have just accepted without question…Is there really a heaven and hell…Could this be all that there is? These are not questions that have come to me only recently, but they have returned throughout my life.

So what if these doubts attack us what do we do? Pray harder, read the Bible more, ignore it and hope it goes away, get counseling or just run away? Some of these things may help, but this morning God renewed a truth in me and helped me to see it more clearly than I’ve understood before. Where is it?

Israel! Just look to Israel and God’s chosen people. The proof will always be there and visible for all of us. Think about it. Why would practically every country in the world want to see Israel destroyed? Why is it that this small piece of real estate is so valuable to so many? Israel is only about the size of East Texas. Why is it that this small country has caused so much attention throughout the world and time? Why did Hitler try to totally eliminate their existence? I could go on and on. Think about it.

Satan knows that if he can destroy Israel he can destroy the reality of God and he will continue to do so to the very end. However, I have read ahead and I know this doesn’t happen. Israel has always been a constant source of affirmation of God and irritation to Satan. Satan tried to destroy Jesus and did that ever backfire on him.

I’m not a historian or theologian on Israel, but it’s impossible to deny what’s right in front of me. Israel is not God, but they continue to validate His existence and truth. If you were to conduct a historical study of Israel you’ll see God’s fingerprints everywhere; Not only in the past, but up to this very day. They’re always in the news.

America has always been support for Israel and this would explain our bountiful blessing from God. I will bless those who bless you, and whoever curses you I will curse; and all peoples on earth will be blessed through you. Genesis 12:3

However, America has been leaning on the edge of removing our support from Israel and if it ever happens all I can say is look out.

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