The Bus Stop is a series of true stories about my life, people I've worked with and events I've experienced. Of course the names have been changed. I hope these stories will brighten your day with a few laughs as well as give you encouragement. Hopefully you can avoid making some of the mistakes I've made and if you have already made them, then you can identify with me.

Monday, March 28, 2011

As You are Going

It’s so easy to get caught up in the church programs and projects. We may even feel guilty because we don’t have the time for all these programs. Then we can’t help but pat ourselves on the back for all the good things we do. We make plans to do good deeds and if we are successful we can really be proud of ourselves. Some even believe this will make them a shoe-in for heaven.

It seems like if I ever make plans to do good they blow up in my face. I had a situation like this lately and it has happened to me many times. It used to make me angry because I thought, “God, here I am trying to serve you and you knock me down. Why?” Now I realized that this was my plan and not God’s. I was so busy trying to serve Him I didn’t notice where He was working right in front of me. He wants us to do it His way and if we do, the reward is much greater and it’s humbling. Allowing Jesus to work in us is really a privilege. It amazes me that He would actually let us be a part of what He’s doing instead of trying to make Him a part of what we are doing.

And Israel, (Christians or the Church) who seemed so interested in reading and talking about what God was doing, missed it. How could they miss it? Because instead of trusting God, they took over. They were absorbed in what they themselves were doing. They were so absorbed in their "God projects" that they didn't notice God right in front of them. Romans 9:31-32 Message

We don’t need to go out looking for opportunities to minister to others. We just need to be alert and minister to those who God puts in our path. As we are going we need to be alert and obedient when God does put someone in our path. Rather than having a load of excuses why we can’t, we need to just do it.

I can't impress this on you too strongly. God is looking over your shoulder. Christ himself is the Judge, with the final say on everyone, living and dead. He is about to break into the open with his rule, so proclaim the Message with intensity; keep on your watch. Challenge, warn, and urge your people. Don't ever quit. Just keep it simple.

2 Timothy 4:2

This could mean opening the door for someone or speaking to someone in the coffee shop that looks as if they’re hurting. We should take to time to acknowledge others and offer a kindness. Of course the greatest joy is to lead someone to Christ. When we do things God’s way it makes life so much simpler. There is so much more, but this is a good start.

I guess the best example there is and the one we need is, “How did Jesus do it?” He didn’t go out seeking certain people. He didn’t have programs and projects. The people He ministered to came into His circle and then He reached out to them.

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