The Bus Stop is a series of true stories about my life, people I've worked with and events I've experienced. Of course the names have been changed. I hope these stories will brighten your day with a few laughs as well as give you encouragement. Hopefully you can avoid making some of the mistakes I've made and if you have already made them, then you can identify with me.

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

The Superman Story

As a child I was the biggest Superman fan. Those of you around my age probably remember the old black and white TV show that aired back in the early 1960’s starring George Reeves. I never missed a show! I just didn’t enjoy the show, but I was mesmerized and enthralled by this moment of imagination.

Immediately after the show was over I donned my cape, (bath towel) flew out the door and hit the neighborhood rescuing damsels in distress. (dogs and cats) You see, Superman was not just a show of entertainment for me, but a passion. I loved to fly and I so desperately wanted to be able to fly. I know I made my mother a nervous wreck with some of the stunts I pulled. One day I built an airplane out of bed slats. Needless to say bed slats do not create much lift. However, my philosophy was based on altitude and airspeed. The garage did not provide this since it wasn’t that high off the ground. Well, if at first you don’t succeed, find a higher jumping off point. The pinnacle of the house seemed to be the most logical answer until my mother caught me in the act and clipped my wings. It’s probably a good thing she did because if the pinnacle of the house didn’t work and if I had survived, the big church building around the corner was my next possibility for flight. Eventually I would have had success, but my flight might have meant a trip to heaven. I thought I would remedy this by getting my pilots license in my early 20’s. As much as I enjoyed it, it just wasn’t the same not to mention extremely expensive. As for the other characteristics of Superman…being invincible to pain and rescuing those suffering or in danger was a passionate desire I had as well.

A few years ago I was reading a book (I believe it was the “Dream Giver” by Bruce Wilkerson.) In the book it suggested that our dreams and purpose can be discovered by looking back into our childhood and remembering what our passion was at that time. The only thing that I could think of was I wanted to be Superman so I couldn’t see how this could apply to me. It wasn’t very likely I would develop super powers and start saving people. Now when I think of carrying people away from danger and such with my back problems and arthritis, I know I would be sued frequently due to dropping them a lot.

Then one day it occurred to me that I wasn’t to possess the physical characteristics of Superman but the principles. The principles of Superman were to reach out to those in pain or the hurting through encouragement and love. Not only could I do this, but I had already started. The super powers that I use are not abilities to fly and look through objects with my x-ray vision, but with the tools I’ve learned and developed through training, experience and study.

Now I ask that if you have not discovered your purpose or passion, then I would encourage you to look into your childhood and discover the desire that was given to you at an early age. This desire was a gift given to you from God, so don’t let it go to waste.

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